• Technical Ability

    • Battery System

      All-round technical ability, covering battery selection, structure design, simulation, test and verification, process to achieve the whole process of product

    • Electric Core

      Ultra-high proportion silicon negative application technology and silicon negative lithium supplement technology make it easier to achieve 300Wh/kg core energy density.

    • BMS

      Platform hardware, platform based underlying protocol and application layer software, and compatibility charging scheme.


    Core Products And Services

    Design and manufacture of power battery system with high safety, high performance and high quality, BMS products with high precision, high reliability and high cost performance. high energy
    Density ratio of silicon anode technology and lithium supplement technology, the above products and services can provide various types of combinations.

    • PACK

      Design and Manufacture of Power Battery System with High Energy Density, High System Group Efficiency, High Safety and High Quality

    • BMS

      Design and manufacture of BMS products with high accuracy, high reliability and high performance price ratio

    • Electric Core

      Silicon anode technology and lithium supplement technology with high energy density ratio


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    Suzhou ZENIO New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in December, 2016 with a registered capital of 150 million yuan. Invested by Weiran (Nanjing) Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. and Changshu Zhengli Investment Co., Ltd., Suzhou Zhengli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has introduced foreign technology. Its main products are pure electric EV power battery...

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